Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In sweet memory of

Good evening ladies

Not got a card to share today but just wanted to share a picture of my wonderful and glorious "mormor" (granny in danish) who passed away this day a year ago.

I miss her so much every single day - she was a huge influence on me and she meant the world to me. This photo was taken on her 85th birthday (she would have been 90 on the 25th March 2012).

The memories of her will remain with me forever.

Hugs, Mette


Dot said...

For en flot Mormor, tag vare på dine minder.
klem Dorte

Michelle said...

She looks very much like what we would call "a game old bird" in England (meaning the life and soul of the party. Even though she is no longer with you,I'm sure you have some wonderful memories.

Joey said...

Big hugs Mette xx