Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse - Valerie with Mark Ronson (Brit Awards 2008)

Well, today's "Music saves my soul" is dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse who was found dead in her home today. Tragically it didn't saves her's and she was only 27 but what a fabulous voice.

And I am sure everyone will join me when we send our love and thoughts to the people of Norway who are coming to terms with the great tragedy which occured there this friday. What is this world coming to?


cheryl said...

hi hun yes that is a tradgedy,she had the most amazing voice and to have it end like that is awful and for those poor people in norway its just tragic,words cannot descibe,the horror,that those poor,kids went through,how can one person do such an awful thing,we should bring,back hanging,they have no thought for human,life so why should we allow them to have a trial,then pay for them to live in prison. Sorry hun did not mean to go on just makes me so so angry,hugs cheryl xxx

Pauline said...

A great track from Amy Winehouse, it's a shame her talent was not fulfilled. And yes, the horror of the happening in Norway is unbelievable. How 1 man can wreak such harm, why would anyone do such a thing. THose poor families.

Cheryl said...

Great track! Thank you for sharing

Marcea said...

what a dreadful weekend ...... we all send our sympathies to everyone that lost their loved ones.

Loving your song choice, glad you chose a song by Amy xxxxxxxxxx