Saturday, 21 November 2009

Thank God it's Friday No 112

Sorry I have not been blogging for a few days but things have been a little hectic hehe. Had the cast-iron wood/coal burner installed in the living room yesterday, just in time for winter. But would you believe I cannot get it going lol - getting more and more blond with old age. I'll be sitting here when it's freezing cold, clattering my "false" teeth (they are not hehe) and trying to light the silly fire.

Enough of my ramblings. I am for the first time joining
TGiF - this week's challenge is Femme Fatale (I wish). But I wanted to play along anyways.

I found this beautiful lady in a fashion magazine and though she look absolute gorgeous. The pink background is me again experimenting with colours (this time Acrylics - gonna get myself some Claudine Hellmuth for xmas I hope). I love the effect these paints give. Added a flower, button, a feather and word and voila .................... a very pink femme fatale.
Thank you for popping by and have a lovely day, Mette


cheryl said...

brilliant hun love it great picture she is beautiful love your background,we too have a coal burner I have it in my craft room,you have to make sure the handle on the side of the fire is 3/1/4 of the way up to let the air draw the fire,lighting it with sticks,and fire ligheters usually works for me,with newspapers,screwed up underneath hugs cheryl xxxxxx

Sandy said...

Wow this is brilliant.
Really beautiful work and design.

Thanks for your Femme Fatale to TGiF.

Martina said...

Wonderful creation!