Sunday, 4 October 2009

Still not able to post pictures

Yesterday was World Card MakingDay ................... omg, really!!! As if you didn't know.
I started on my christmas cards and made 2.
Went into Derby today with my oldest and my youngest. My middle son has got himself a little sunday job to pay for his Xbox games.
My trip to Derby almost ended with me having a heart attck - my son took me up in the Derby Eye ( a smaller version of the London Eye). I HATED IT. 60m up in the air and I couldn't even enjoy the view. Hehe. At least my kids enjoyed it so maybe money worth spent????

Hugs, Mette

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Milliesmarvels said...

Well done on starting your Christmas cards, I have made a couple but have loads more to do! Have committed to a fair at a local school in November too and haven't made anything for it yet!
Hope you have recovered from your trip!